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Tôi đồng ý

Important notice Adjustment of Oil futures contracts

06 May, 2020

Important notice Adjustment of Oil futures contracts

Dear client


Due to a major crunch in the liquidity and pricing volatility of oil, the following changes will be implemented at various dates


1) Oil futures CFD will only be set to close existing trades only . Opening new oil futures position will not be allowed. This will take effect immediately until further notice.

2) Leverage on USOIL and UKOIL June future contract  will be adjusted to 10 times  with effect from Friday 08 May 2020 market open (please make sure your account is well funded to support your open positions and potential leverage reduction on your account)

3) USOILM0 will expire on 15 May 21:00( GMT +3) instead of 18 May


In view of the adjustment in margin requirement, please be sure to monitor your available margin and trading strategy to manage your positions, and close them in time before the expiry. Please pay attention to the following in order to mitigate risks caused by violent market fluctuations:

-Widening of Spread: In the case of intense market volatility or insufficient market liquidity, orders will usually not be executed at the specified price. Major slippage may occur. The actual transaction price may be more favorable or unfavorable depending on the order direction.

-Margin Level: During weekends or holidays, if there is volatility and liquidity of the trading market, it is very likely that there will be large fluctuations in the market after the market is opened. Please pay attention to the risk of holding positions and maintain a sufficient margin level.

-Increase in swap rates: Subject to fundamental factors and supply and demand factors, swap rates in the inter-bank market may increase. Please be cautious in trading to ensure that your account holds sufficient funds to cope with the risks caused by market changes.

-Stop Quotes: Although the probability of occurrence is extremely low, we still want to remind our customers that the liquidity provider may turn off the product when the price drops to 0 or close to 0, resulting in the product being unable to quote. If this situation occurs, the CWG may stop trading in the commodity and may cancel all trading orders during the price stagnation period.



Please do not hesitate to reach us at   or call us at 4008424626 for any clarification.


 Good Luck and Good Trading!


 Kind regards,

 Client Services Team

 CWG Markets